Our Team


Cathy J. Sakas

Board of Trustees Founding Chair, Vice-Chair (2023), B.S. Bio., M.Ed. Sci.,

Co-Founder, Author, Maudlin Pond Press, LLC

Lane Johnson

 Board of Trustees Co-Chair (2023)

Attorney, Coats Rose P.C.

Faye DiMassimo

Board of Trustees Co-Chair (2023)

CEO, Chatham Area Transit (CAT)

Sue Chapin-Ebanks, PhD

Associate Professor, Marine Science, Savannah State University

Cheryl Chip

Board Member, Ford Field and River Club

JT Prather, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Chatham Orthopedics

CarriAyne Jones Parr, PhD

Head of UK Science and Innovation Network, Atlanta-Global Health and Antimicrobial Resistance lead

Jennifer Berglund

Exhibit Developer/Writer at Harvard Museums of Science and Culture, Freelance Writer/Producer

Meta Carr

Ocean Advocate

Ex Officio

Stan Rogers

Superintendent, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary


Jody Patterson

Chapter Director, Gray’s Reef NMS Foundation


Marianne Greer

Brittany Dodge

Lisa Hueneke

Ed Williams

Joseph T. Hoke

Suzanne Williams

Lynda Beam

Kevin McCarey

Ruth Bowyer Weimar

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