Scattered across America’s ocean and Great Lakes are treasured places known as national marine sanctuaries. Sanctuaries, like our national parks, protect amazing places, are home to awe-inspiring species, and tell the stories of our past. Protected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and supported by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, together we partner with communities to educate, study, and conserve these spectacular places for future generations.

The power to Save Spectacular places like our beloved Gray’s Reef and the more than 200 species of fish, 400 species of invertebrates, and dozens of marine mammals and turtles that are drawn to it—is involved, complex but always attainable. This unique ecosystem is precious, and we need to ensure that it lasts.

In support of the health, smart usage and future of Gray’s Reef –and in honor of our year-long Save Spectacular celebrations, we’re proud to invite you to be become a Founding Member of the Gray’s Reef Society in 2022. Its continued conservation will require your care. Become a protector—join us in membership through our Ocean Protector Society or Keystone Society with an annual gift.

Our Work

KEYSTONE SOCIETY ($1,000+ donation):

Scott Lewis, Cathy J. Sakas, Cheryl Chip, Anonymous


Freda Smith, Beau Mix, Marion Conlin, Suzanne Williams, Michael Siegel, Jim Scott, Jen Baxter, Jamie Arkins, Reed Bohne,

Supporting our national marine sanctuary and ensuring protection for our ocean habitats and wildlife begins with you. Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation works to engage everyone in learning and acting in ways that support clean water, healthy habitats, and productive ecosystems through our education and outreach programs. Your financial support can ensure our collective success in protecting America's ocean treasures at Gray's Reef.