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Click on this workshop video feature from our friends at NOAA Teacher-at-Sea Alumni Association, and this article feature link from our workshop sponsor at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Our marine technology educator workshops feature in-depth review of simple circuits, switches and soldering of electrical component parts and circuit boards, frame building of submersible vehicles, and test piloting. Workshop participants take home a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) kit to help prepare a student team for the Gray’s Reef Southeast MATE ROV Competition.

Thank you to our partners at Georgia Institute of Technology – CEISMC for supporting our professional development workshops!

Stay tuned for future training opportunities.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation won an environment award for the purpose of educating youth and communities on how to build a sustainable future through environmental education and ocean conservation initiatives. ROV kits and education resources are being provided to classrooms through a mini-grant, courtesy of the Honda USA Foundation.

Classrooms supporting students in the southeast U.S. may apply to receive an ROV kit and tools to introduce marine technologies and ocean sciences to the next generation of explorers.

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Schools supported by our grant award from Honda USA Foundation

Rivers to Reefs

Our Rivers to Reefs program is a teacher professional development workshop experience and immersive learning opportunity led by instructors from Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (Cathy Sakas), NOAA Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary (Kimberly Roberson), and Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (Dr. Marc Frischer), hosted aboard the 92′ SkIO research vessel SAVANNAH.

This year, participants joined us for a full day cruise to explore the brackish Wilmington River, sample water and trawl for organisms in the sound, explore the marsh and estuarine ecology, and sail out into open Atlantic Ocean waters to discover the near-shore, live bottom seafloor habitats of Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

This single day workshop provides a holistic view of aquatic ecosystems by infusing mathematics (water quality analysis), chemistry (water quality testing), marine biology (flora and fauna), social studies (coastal cultures and watershed connections), with remote sensing technologies and hands-on projects throughout the experience.

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Stand-by for your invitation to immersive education! Our workshops are all booked but sign-up here to receive an invitation to future workshops hosted by Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. Thank you for your interest!