Levels of Engagement


Volunteers, advocates and advisors support foundation work

Blue Sustainer

Individual and corporate donors advance research and education

Sanctuary Sponsor

Corporate sponsors for public events, exhibits and media outreach

Keystone Society

Planned gifts, estates and endowments for foundation development

Supporting our national marine sanctuary and ensuring protection for our ocean habitats and wildlife begins with your awareness. Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation works to engage everyone in learning and acting in ways that support clean water, healthy habitats, and productive ecosystems through our education and outreach programs. Your financial support can ensure our collective success in protecting America's ocean treasures at Gray's Reef.


Sponsors are needed to support these programs

2021 A Fishy Affair Sponsor

Thank You To Our Blue Sustaining Sponsors

Littlejohn Family Foundation, Mrs. Cathy J. Sakas, Mr. Daniel Bromstad, Dr. JT Prather, Mrs. Cheryl Chip, Ms. Suzanne Williams, Mrs. Freda Smith, Mr. Beau Mix and Mrs. Marion Conlin